ARO Pumps including Compact, Expert and Pro Series pumps

About ARO Product Line

Compact Pumps

ARO Compact Diaphragm Pumps

ARO Pumps : ARO Compact Diaphragm Pumps, Ideal for OEM and General Industrial applications where peak performance, endurance, and reliability are a must, our compact pumps feature big performance in a small package. With flow rates up to 14.8 GPM (56 LPM) and a large range of material and porting configurations, we have the right pump for your application.

Expert Series Pump

Expert Series ARO Diaphragm Pumps

ARO Pump: Expert Series Pumps (EXP) - Diaphragm Pumps AROs PROCESS GRADE, Expert Series Diaphragm Pumps feature the best total cost of ownership of any diaphragm pump on the market. A favorite among process professionals, the EXP Pump family provides optimum energy efficiency and downtime solutions. With flow rates up to 275 GPM (1041 LPM) and a large range of material and porting configurations, ARO has the right pump for your application

Expert Series ARO diaphragm Pumps: PD15P-XXS-XXX

ARO Controller

ARO Electronic Interface Diaphragm Pump

ARO Pump: Migrate to a smart touch-and-walk-away system that helps optimize your costs and production time. The new ARO Controller creates a fully automated multi-pump system and works seamlessly with ARO Electronic Interface pumps.

AFX Piston Pumps

AFX Piston Pumps & Packages

ARO Pumps : ARO piston pumps provide industry proven dependability, economy, and precision control for the delivery of a wide range of flowable materials. The efficient, simple design and construction of ARO piston pumps are the reason they are recognized as one of the most dependable, versatile and accurate on the market. Whether you’re moving a small amount of low viscosity fluid a few feet or a large amount of high viscosity material a longer distance, ARO has a pump to meet your application needs.

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Testimonials for Burt Process

I am writing to let you know that over the years I have found it quite easy to navigate the Signet section of your website making research on Signet a pleasure rather than a frustrating experience.

In my mind Burt & Signet have become synonymous. Burt-Signet; Signet-Burt! Thank you for the good job you did setting up your website and making it easy for us not-too-computer-savvy guys to navigate.

I send many customers to you when they are looking for the best price rather than buying them and trying to resell them myself. You did a good job and I appreciate it.


BPE Career Opportunities

Burt Process Equipment was founded in 1970 and has been a growing industrial distributor and manufacturer ever since. We are a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of thermoplastic high purity and corrosion resistant equipment, systems and services. Currently, our engineered systems provide proven solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, institutional, and chemical processing markets. We are continually looking for new associates who bring a high level of enthusiasm and commitment to our organization. Pleaseto submit a BPE Career Form if you are interested in learning more about exciting career opportunities at Burt Process. You should receive an email or phone call within 48 hours.

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About ARO Pumps:

With over 80 years of research behind its creation, ARO pump is The World's Leading Diaphragm Pump brand. Each ARO pump is designed by Ingersoll Rand with innovation and dedication for perfection. ARO Pumps are used by industries worldwide including chemical, manufacturing, energy, pharmaceutical, mining and more for any fluid handling applications.
ARO Pumps product line, also, includes piston pumps & packages, Filters, Regulators, & Lubricators (FRL's), Lubrication Equipment, and Pneumatic Valves & Cylinders.
With 40+ years of exemplary experience, knowledge, and industry leading support, Burt Process Equipment is the largest distributor and # 1 source to buy of ARO Pumps and products. Call Burt Process today with your application, and one of our outstanding application engineers will provide you with the most optimal solution.

About Burt Process Equipment:

Burt Process Equipment is dedicated to providing fluid handling equipment and services worldwide. We carry an extensive line of products and have solutions for all of your fluid handling needs. Our employees are committed to excellence in the quality of our products and services. Burt Process Equipment is one of the largest stocking distributors of ARO products and our support team is trained to help with all of your ARO pump, ARO diaphragm pumps, ingersoll rand ARO pumps, ARO air pumps, ARO pumps parts of ARO.

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